Get to Know About Web Hosting

Service that allows all people to place their web page or their sites, we call it Web Hosting . A web host service provider or web hosting service provider is a company that provides the necessary technologies and services for the website or website. Websites are stored or stored in special computers called servers. If internet users want to see your website, you only need to enter the web address or your connection in your browser. Your computer logs on to your server and your web pages are forwarded to you via your browser.

One thing that you must understand that host companies require their customer own their domain. If you don’t have a domain, they will help us to purchase one.

Today, we will learn about the features that exist on the web hosting who we will hire.

Email Account for us

We already know, that the hosting provider will advise us to have a domain name. And with the name of the domain that we have, the hosting provider will provide the facility to create email accounts our domain.

FTP Acces for User

Using FTP will facilitate the user to upload their the data’s from PC to the web hosting. If user create a website with HTML code, then the data transfer from the computer to the web hosting can be done directly via FTP.


One of the CMS to create a website is WordPress. This CMS is very good and until now is considered one of the how to make a website easily using wordpress.
Almost 30% existing website using the WordPress CMS. And the hosting provider provides WordPress to user them. Where there are also didukang with PHP the latest Version and MSQL are updated.

We need to know that web hosting in addition to provide convenience to the user to make a website about business, web hosting also provides a lot more than just a website builder.

Professional Providers will give the best to their users about their website business in web hosting, Providers will try to the best about smoothness and also quick fixes when there is a disruption of the hosting they rent. It makes the user will be comfortable in running the business without any disruption (website down or error ).