Learn About Web Developers

Web developer is one of the interesting jobs, Employment opportunities and offer a high salary makes a lot of people want to be a web developer. If you are interested to learn about web developer, and are interested to become a web developer, congratulation, you are on the right place that will review about web developer.

Generally, web developers can be divided into three, namely front end web developer, back end web developer and fulstack web developer. The task of Front end web developer is to design and

build a web interface.

Front End Web Developers

The task of the Front end web developer is to design and build a web interface. what is currently showing and we see  in web view it is the result of work of front end developer.  In this case the appearance of the website looks good or not is the responsibility of the front end developer.

If you want to be a web developer, first thing to do is understand about the Hypertext Markup language (HTML), then Cascading Style Sheets( CSS) and JavaScript.

Back end Web Developers

The task of the back end dev is doing calculations, processing the registration form, save the user data. Just for info, backend technology that we often use today is like PHP, Python, Node.js and some other . languages.

Fullstack Web Developers

If you want to be a fullstack web developers we have to master the technology of the front end and backend simultaneously. Full stack dev  usually also understand about Front End Web Dev and Back end Web Developer.  Understanding about javascript is the main thing for Fullstack Web Developers.