The Rules of UI Design That Must be Understood By Web Designer

The Rules of UI Design

Designing an interface is not a simple task, to do web design, or UI design there are a few things that we must understand. Now in this article will discuss about the rules of UI design that must be understood by web designer. 

Here are some of the things that we have to concern if  we want to build great and attractive web design.

Combination Between UI (User Interface) and UX  (User Experience)

In this case, Web design must be smart and should understand how UI to be continuous with UX. UX  Designer need to consider factors such as interaction design (interaction design) and architecture, copywriting, coordination with designers and programmers. UI designer needs several information from the user experience.

Understand What User Want

During the process of planning a web site, we should already have an idea about the expectations of  users in the future. Web designer must understand, how to create a design that will be attractive so the visitors love to see the appearance of your web.

Create Simple and Consistent

Characteristics of a good Web design is simplicity. A simple display combined by complete web menu which easily understood by the user is one of the virtues of web design.

Maximize of Typography

To build the hierarchy visually, we must be clever to use the typography tools. It mean that we must be clever to select and use fonts according to the characteristics of the web that we want to build. To talk to the user, select the font that is influenced by the characteristics of the web users. For example, if we want to build web about the ghost story, choose a matching font and we can combine a dark color for web design.

Simple Form

As web designer, we must understand that Form is one of the main methods to interact with the project website. Web designer must create the registration form simple and short, which does not confuse the user.